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5 Locations & counting! 

Adventure Crates are designed to go almost anywhere so your products can too! 

With flagship locations throughout Austin including Lady Bird Lake, owned and operated by our founder, Adventure Crate has proven to be the go-to rental resource in Austin. 

Read our founder's success story below. 

Our Founder Mark with his golden retriever Murphy

Dear Adventure Enthusiasts,


I've always been someone who sought more from life, especially when it came to embracing the wild, untamed beauty of the outdoors. The birth of Adventure Crate was not just a business endeavor for me but a deeply personal journey to bridge the gap between nature lovers and their dreams.

I remember when the idea of a rental kiosk first lit up my mind. I envisioned something more than just a place to rent gear – it was about crafting a platform where adventurers could soar freely, not tied down by the usual constraints of rental locations. It took a lot of patience, trial and error, and a few bumps along the way. But with each challenge, our resolve grew stronger, and the dream of a versatile, secure, and user-friendly rental system emerged.


Adventure Crate isn't just a box of gear. It's a culmination of all our passions, a ticket to create your own adventures whether in a bustling city center or a secluded natural paradise. With our innovative shipping container design paired with cutting-edge smart locker technology, we're hoping to offer convenience and security like never before.


But, at its heart, Adventure Crate is all about empowerment. It's about giving you the tools, the freedom, and the autonomy to carve out your own path. And as we look to the future, our aim remains the same: to create experiences that are spontaneous, boundless, and deeply personal.


Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey. Here's to countless adventures ahead!

Mark Sherwinsky

Founder & Chief Adventure Officer, Adventure Crate

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