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4 People smiling and enjoying the afternoon on an oversized inflatable paddleboard

A career that matches your lifestyle

Our self-service rental solution, Adventure Crate, increases your rental rates, encourages repeat rentals, eliminates the lines, and allows renters to get on with their adventure faster. 

This is the first self-service solution that uses smart-locker technology, access codes, and time stamps to give the user the freedom to experience nature on their own schedule and the owner peace of mind that their operation is always running smoothly. 

Get renting in 4 easy steps!

1. Pick a Location

Adventure Crates can go pretty much anywhere, but you do need at least an 8 x 15 flat piece of land to host a Crate.

Proof of access rights or ownership required for setup. 

a picturesque view of a lake with a cabin and mountains in the backdrop

3. Schedule Delivery Day

Our team will travel on-site the day of delivery to get your Adventure Crate setup, connect your tech, and walk you through the rental process from start to finish! 


2. Configure Your Crate

Choose from our pre-built Adventure Crate packages, or customize your configuration to fit your specific needs. 

an example of an adventurecrate concept, with the doors open and with kayaks and paddleboards out front

4. Start Renting!

Adventure Crates allow you to offer significantly more rentals and rental choices per location. 

See some earning examples below based AdventureCrates currently open.

A happy couple paddling kayaks on a river

Crate Earning Examples

Earning examples are based on total cost of crate operation, including inventory & marketing, average monthly traffic, and a $15 per hour rental rate across all rentals. Location, marketing spend, and rental inventory can significantly impact these projections. 

LCRA AdventureCrate Location

1 Crate 10-15 Rentals

Startup Costs: 
Monthly Fees:
Average Monthly Earnings:
Annual Profit:

A Crate with 10 Rentals can support approximately 450 Rental Hours per month 

AdventureCrate live location 2 with paddleboards and packrafts on display

1 Crate 20-25 Rentals

Startup Costs: 
Monthly Fees:
Average Monthly Earnings:
Annual Profit:

A Crate with 20 Rentals can support approximately 900 Rental Hours per month 

A graphic of a landmass and water, with boats and kayaks all around

5 Crates 75-100 Rentals 

Startup Costs: 
Monthly Fees:
Average Monthly Earnings:
Annual Profit:

90 Rentals can support approximately 5,000 rental hours per month

Click to view an actual day & month earning report from one of our locations: 

Adventure Crate Configurations

Different adventures call for different offerings.

Configure your Crate to match the demand and supply renters with what they really want, when they want it. 

Crate Size(s)

Crate Features

An Adventure Crate

10-15 Rentals

Another Adventure Crate example

15-20 Rentals

The largest Adventure Crate size

20-25 Rentals

Ventilated Lockers

Ventilated Lockers

Standard Locker

Standard Lockers

Paddleboard Rack

Paddleboard Racks

Camera Lens


Smart Lock

Smart Locks


Power Bank

Solar panel

Solar Panel(s)

Rental Inventory

Inflatable Paddleboard

Inflatable Paddleboards

Over 60 Options to Choose From!

Kokopelli Inflatable Packraft with Murphy the golden sitting in it


Over 27 products to choose from!


River Tubes

Perfect for lazy river days!

Kokopelli Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable Kayaks

Over 5 products to choose from

An orange rooftop tent on a jeep


& Camping Gear

Over 18 products to choose from!

Murphy the golden wearing a life jacket


Life preservers, water shoes, dry bags, and more.

Request a Quote!

Select your ideal number of rentals:
Choose your preferred storage options:
Choose your extras:

Thanks for requesting a quote. We will be in touch shortly to finalize details and provide a custom price quote.

Everything you need
to start your rental business today!

Once you secure your location, our dedicated team will go the extra mile by traveling directly to your site to accept delivery and set up your new Adventure Crate. You won't have to worry about a thing as we handle the logistics, allowing you to focus on your business and start accepting renters hassle-free.

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